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The use of drones in film and marketing is nothing new. For years, these tools have been utilized to bring some pretty amazing ideas to screen. Beyond that, they have become a vital asset to many industries for a variety of reasons. Luckily for us, with advancements in technology, coupled with the proper training and certifications, using this technology to your advantage as a business owner has never been more accessible. Enter: Airwave Media Production. I've taken the footwork out of the "how" for you. Our drone pilots are insured, trained, certified and commercially licensed through the FAA with a Part107 certificate. This helps alleviate fears and concerns associated with hiring untrained operators, which can be dangerous and detrimental to a growing industry. With the combined use of various ground cameras and drone equipment, capturing your special day in a unique way or elevating your business marketing strategies has never been easier. Our professional editing services ensure that you receive quality content at every request and the AMP client exclusive "Social Media Life Support" guide is available for you after booking, so your company can maximize your ROI with the content we create, together!


Meet the Pilot

Owner | Aerial Photographer | Videographer  
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